Jenna + Drew's Moby Dicks Whale Beach Sydney Wedding

Jenna’s smile is infectious. We couldn’t help but smile too while looking at their wedding photos!

She and Andrew celebrated their marriage at Moby Dicks Whale Beach. Despite having a lot of international guests, the wedding maintained its relaxed/no stress vibe.

These love birds met in a rock n roll dive bar in London called Big Reds.

“He picked me up in the bar, threw me over his shoulder and marched me out ‘ fireman style’. He put me down 50m from the door and kissed me,” shares Jenna. “Then he said ‘Good girls don’t kiss in pubs.’ I was hooked!!”


Florist- En Saison in Willoughby 

Stylist - Moby Dicks along with the bride herself

Celebrant- Amanda Pollock

Makeup- Rosee_makeup 

Hair - @frankieryanhair